Nextdoor is a worldwide tech company that strives to offer holistic, impactful employee benefits that have a high engagement rate among its global team. Head of People, Bryan Power, was new to learning about family caregiver support programs when he reached out to Grayce. The way that Grayce connects caregiving employees to one another as well as individually to expert social workers, and actionable resources made it a perfect fit.


Since rolling out Grayce as a benefit:

  • Utilization of the platform is 5x higher than Nextdoor anticipated
  • Nextdoor employees using Grayce rated it 4.9 out of 5 stars
  • Global employees are covered no matter where they are located
  • More than half of employees using Grayce said they would stay longer at Nextdoor due to the caregiving solution

Check out the conversation between Bryan and Grayce CEO, Julia Cohen Sebastien, to learn more about how we helped Nextdoor rollout their caregiver benefit program!