Grayce is the world's most capable family care solution

The only complete, global solution for resolving daily to complex care challenges.

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Grayce's proven care model delivers results

Life-changing support for employees, transformative value for your clients.


proven reduction
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Discover Grayce

The world's most capable family care solution.

Combining the best of family support and care navigation, the Grayce model is the most
advanced and strategic solution for diverse employee needs.

Pregnant or Caring for an Infant

Caring for a Child

Caring for Yourself or an Adult

Caring for an Aging Loved One

Grieving a Loss

The Grayce difference

Grayce is the only family care solution that resolves care
challenges from daily to complex, worldwide.

  • Proven retention & productivity

    In a study across clients, Grayce reduced attrition by 38% on average and saved at least one week of productive time for 98% of members. For employers looking to attract and retain a diverse workforce, Family care support has become table stakes. At 100% client retention, Grayce supports families and employers by removing a significant barrier to retention and performance.

  • Appropriate benefits utilization

    On average, 58% of users utilize other relevant employee benefits as a result of Grayce. By integrating an employer’s medical, mental health, social, and financial offerings into Grayce’s care model, we develop strategic solutions that deliver for each family and for the business—driving up benefits ROI.

  • A full-spectrum caregiving solution

    Support for families evolved from point solutions for daily needs like backup care to medical navigation for complex conditions. Going beyond daily and episodic care, Grayce is the only solution that addresses all needs, including the highest risk and complex care. Combining the best of family support and care navigation, we match members with senior-level care professionals to create actionable, strategic plans and complete tasks on their behalf to save your employees time, stress, and money, and achieve better outcomes for everyone.

  • Global reach

    Grayce engages families worldwide with a 4.96 satisfaction rating out of 5. Designed with a global reach, Grayce helps you increase health equity for employees hybrid, remote, or distributed, with loved ones in any country. Grayce is available in 250+ languages, with consults available in every time zone. With subject matter experts in regulations, infrastructure, government, etc. worldwide, our Care Partners help families make informed decisions together, and offer practical support in getting it done for loved ones near and far.

Offer your clients the most advanced family care solution with Grayce.