Solving care challenges when families need it most

We offer peace of mind by navigating and resolving employees’ care needs.

Support families through every journey–all on one comprehensive platform

  • Pregnancy


    Our comprehensive services cover all aspects of prenatal and infant care. We support members in their transition into parenthood by creating holistic care plan tailored to their individual needs.

  • Child Care

    Child Care

    Grayce supports parents whether their child has an illness, disability, a recent diagnosis, neurodiverse needs, or is entering a new developmental stage.

  • Complex Adult Care

    Complex Adult Care

    Grayce helps navigate managing a chronic illness or disability, cancer or other new diagnosis for employees and their partners, siblings, adult children or other loved ones with a holistic care plan tailored to their individual needs.

  • Elder Care

    Elder Care

    From dementia to aging, Grayce can help put a comprehensive plan in place so the whole family has peace of mind.

  • Grief & Bereavement

    Grief & Bereavement

    Grayce can help provide care needs beyond the end of life of a loved one. Our bereavement services are designed to provide emotional and logistical support during times of loss.

How We Help

High-tech, high touch, personalized for
each family

We help make care easier logistically, financially, and emotionally through
expert guidance and a robust tech platform.


Personalized Care Plans

An action plan for each family’s specific needs

Educational Content & Tools

Articles, videos, trackers, guides tailored to each family

Dedicated Care Partners

1:1 relationship via video and messaging with a masters-degree expert through the year

Peer Connection

Connect 1:1, join a social community, gather for live events, share stories

Benefits & Resources

Employee programs, local services and products

How we make a difference for members

Care for yourself

Grayce helped me get my life back.

“Grayce has helped me feel more in control of my healthcare and my health. My Care Partner has helped me schedule surgery, physical therapy, cardiac clearance, figure out insurance, appeal and submit claims, research doctors that fit my needs and are covered by my plan, and much more! I went from barely even being able to walk due to my illness to being able to dance around my house while listening to music. Grayce helped me get my life back. I’m so grateful to have Grayce and feel in control of my healthcare now.”


Grayce member since November 2022
Florida, USA


Care for an adult loved one

Amazing service!!

“I needed resources and input on how to navigate my 85 year old mother’s living condition, as well as my sister who has a [traumatic brain injury]. My Grayce Care Partner has been EXCEPTIONAL. I love the Grayce service. Grayce has allowed me to navigate a very difficult situation. Prior to Grayce, I was at a point that made it hard to concentrate on work and other family matters. With Grayce, I feel supported and know that help is only a click away. I have recommend Grayce to my co-workers numerous times. Amazing service!!”


Grayce member since October 2022
Colorado, USA


Care for an aging loved one

The service is a Godsend.

“[I] needed help with a cancer scare experienced by my elderly mother. The service is a Godsend – I know I can get expert support with medical challenges and that I’m not ‘alone’ despite being an only child supporting my elderly parents. It’s a no brainer to take advantage of a service like Grayce – I’ve used it twice now and it helps alleviate the stress from having to juggle work as well as my other responsibilities caring for others.”


Grayce member since October 2022
New Jersey, USA