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Help employees with care needs balance work and life with Grayce—the only complete, global solution for resolving daily to complex care challenges.


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Care support can't wait

Today’s employees want workplace benefits that support their physical, mental, and financial needs. That includes care for themselves and their families—at home, and across borders.


of employees are caring for someone else


report caregiving affects their productivity


adjust work due to care, disproportionately among diverse populations


of all employees would stay longer if offered more care support

Discover Grayce, the world’s most capable family care solution

Grayce is the most advanced family care navigation platform on the market—
supporting personalized care journeys for your employees’ diverse needs.

  • Pregnancy


    Our comprehensive services cover all aspects of prenatal and infant care. We support members in their transition into parenthood by creating holistic care plan tailored to their individual needs.

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  • Child Care

    Child Care

    Grayce supports parents whether their child has an illness, disability, a recent diagnosis, neurodiverse needs, or is entering a new developmental stage.

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  • Complex Adult Care

    Complex Adult Care

    Grayce helps navigate managing a chronic illness or disability, cancer or other new diagnosis for employees and their partners, siblings, adult children or other loved ones with a holistic care plan tailored to their individual needs.

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  • Elder Care

    Elder Care

    From dementia to aging, Grayce can help put a comprehensive plan in place so the whole family has peace of mind.

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  • Grief & Bereavement

    Grief & Bereavement

    Grayce can help provide care needs beyond the end of life of a loved one. Our bereavement services are designed to provide emotional and logistical support during times of loss.

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Life-changing support for employees, transformative value for your business.

Grayce’s proven care model resolves care challenges at home to help employees balance life and work.


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proven reduction in attrition


avoided a leave of absence


utilized other relevant employee benefits


reported improved mental health


saved at least one week of productive time

The Grayce difference

Grayce is the only family care solution that navigates and resolves care challenges from daily to complex, worldwide.

  • Attract & retain talent

    For employers looking to attract and retain a diverse workforce, family care support has become table stakes. Demonstrate commitment to employee well-being by supporting caregivers and removing a significant barrier to workforce performance.

  • Maximize benefits utilization

    By integrating an employer’s medical, mental health, social, and financial offerings into Grayce’s care model, we develop strategic solutions that deliver for each family and for the business—driving up your benefits ROI.

  • A full-spectrum caregiving solution

    No other solution navigates and resolves issues on complex journeys like MSK or cancer in conjunction with daily needs like sourcing child care or grocery delivery for the whole family. Together with a robust personalized app, we match members with senior-level care professionals to design and implement a plan to save your employees time, stress, and money.

  • Deliver global support

    Designed with a global reach, Grayce helps you increase health equity for employees hybrid, remote, or distributed, with loved ones in any country. Grayce is available in 250+ languages, with consults available in every time zone to help families make informed decisions together.

Grayce is the right support, the right service, at the right time.

— Head of People, Nextdoor

We chose Grayce because they offered holistic support to our global employees by helping to navigate all aspects of caring for a loved one. They made a difference. Based on our utilization and employee satisfaction, we realize that this was the right solution for our employees.

— VP of Total Rewards, DocuSign

Even though Exabeam has long prioritized the health and wellness of employees with robust EAPs and perks like ClassPass, Headspace, maternity programs, and even petcare, we received feedback that they weren’t addressing an important challenge people were facing - caring for loved ones.

— CHRO, Exabeam

We’ve received extremely positive feedback that Grayce made a difference when employees needed it most. Grayce has been a highly valuable partner and helped us demonstrate our commitment to providing a caring and inclusive culture.

— HR Generalist, Exabeam

We found Grayce and have not looked back. Grayce helps support our employees caring for loved ones and themselves, guide them through a crisis stage, plan for the journey, and cope with grief. This has been an invaluable service that has helped many of our staff members and their families through tough and unexpected situations. We highly recommend Grayce!

— Director of People Operations, Code for America

CHROs know that proactively addressing the caregiving journey is a vital component of a healthy workforce and inclusive talent strategy.

— CHRO, Eventbrite

All care journeys deserve community and support, so with the help of Grayce we evolved our Parents ERG to a more inclusive Caregivers ERG and heard appreciation for recognizing this need, and gratitude for the expanded and holistic support from members using Grayce.

— VP Global Demand, and Executive Sponsor of Caregivers ERG, DocuSign