Grayce FAQ

What is Grayce?

Grayce is a support solution to help families navigate needs for their loved ones.  We provide information, education, guidance, planning, and coordination.


Why does Grayce exist?

Grayce exists because you care.  Caring for loved ones is challenging and complicated.  It can be fulfilling while also feeling overwhelming, confusing, and isolating.  There are not enough resources to guide and support families along the way.  We’re here to make the process feel more graceful, to help guide you on your care journey.





Who does Grayce help me to care for?

Grayce is here to help. Whether you’re helping your parent, grandparent, spouse, partner, sibling, other relative, friend, child, or neighbor, we’re here for you.  If they matter to you, they matter to us.


I am aging myself, and I’d like help with planning. Can Grayce help me?

Yes, we can help you.


Does it matter if I am located in a different place than the person about whom I’m seeking support?

Grayce is a virtual solution.  We can support you across geographies and logistical circumstances.  If needs arise for which you need additional local support, we’ll help support you on identifying local solutions.


What does Grayce help with?

Supporting a loved one becomes a significant life role, much like the role of becoming a parent.  Grayce helps you navigate and succeed in this role.  We offer guidance and support, information and education, research, and coordination.


Can you give me examples?
  • Assess financial needs and identify eligibility for income-based support (Medicare, long-term care plans, estate planning, financial planning, etc.)

  • Navigate both current and projected needs of a loved one

  • Identify and assess living options including in-home care, assisted living, and long-term care

  • Instruct on and coordinate safety modifications to remain at home safely

  • Facilitate conversations about a loved one’s wishes and end-of-life preferences

  • Provide support for self care and your well-being


Does Grayce provide home care services?

Grayce is a virtual support solution.  We can support you to find local home care services.


Does Grayce provide legal or financial services?

We can support you to find legal and financial services as needed.


How does Grayce’s process work?

The first step is to create a Grayce account.  You will then be matched to a dedicated Grayce Expert, and prompted to schedule your initial intake consult.  During the intake consult, you’ll discuss your circumstances, goals, and needs.  After the consult, your expert will prepare a personalized care plan, which they will share with you.  You can then schedule a follow up consult to discuss the plan and agree on next steps together.  In addition to partnering on your plan, your expert is always available for consults to support you.





Who helps me? What are their professional credentials?

You will be matched to a dedicated Grayce Expert, who has years of experience in supporting a broad range of family needs at leading health care organizations. In addition to extensive experience in direct care management and healthcare, many have a Master’s degree in Social Work.


What if I’m not happy with my expert?

Your comfort and satisfaction is important to us.  Contact us at and we’ll be glad to help.


Are experts available for emergencies?

If you are having a medical emergency, please call the local authorities.  For other emergencies, please seek local support.  Grayce support is available during business hours, with responses within one business day.  We do our best to respond to urgent matters as soon as possible.

What if my expert is not available when I need help?

Grayce experts respond within one business day, though we strive to provide support as soon as possible.  If your matter is urgent, please note that in your message.

If your dedicated expert is out of the office, you will still always have expert support.  During absences, a back-up expert will be provided and equipped to support you.


How do I communicate with my expert?

Grayce experts are available for video and phone consults.  Between consults, your expert is available via messaging in the app.


Can another person participate in consults with my expert?

Yes, you can invite others to join your consults. See “My Account” section below for more information.



My Account


Can I invite another person to join my account?  What about the person for whom I’m caring?

Yes, you can invite others to join your account as a participant.  You will remain the primary account holder with control over the account. Once logged into the Grayce app, you can do so in your “Care Profile.”


What if I’m supporting more than one person?

Your Grayce expert can support you with needs for multiple people.


What is the cost to use Grayce?

If you learned about Grayce through your employer, they subsidize a subscription and a specific number of consults.  You are welcome to purchase additional support at any time by upgrading your support level.


What happens if I run out of consult support?

You can upgrade your support level for an additional cost. Purchase additional support in your account.


Is my information confidential?

Yes, your privacy is important to us. Your identity and individual account information is confidential (including confidential from your employer).


What if I have questions or need support with my account?

Contact support and we’ll be glad to help.