What is the value of a well-designed family care program for all employees? With diverse, multi-generational workforces, many companies are now seeing the need to support their entire population with more personalized family care–and seeking data to make the case and measure value. In this fireside chat, Angelina Shamborska, Okta’s Sr. Director of Global Benefits, and Julia Cohen Sebastien, Grayce CEO and Co-founder, explore the path taken by the $2 billion identity-security company to provide inclusive, global family care for its 6,000 employees. You’ll hear firsthand about the company’s goals, what its leaders learned, and how they measured and demonstrated value.


Watch the recording to learn:

  • Trends in family care for multi-generational workforces
  • Okta’s path to providing inclusive, global family care for all employees
  • The measurable impact on turnover, productivity, leave, benefit engagement and more
  • Q&A