In today’s diverse, multi-generational workforce many companies are now seeing the need to support their entire population with more personalized family care. Whether your organization seeks data to make the case and measure value, or is revisiting rewards offerings to be more inclusive of care needs with adults and elders, below are the Grayce resources most bookmarked by benefits leaders on LinkedIn. 


  1. Cancer accounts for 1 of every 5 deaths in the U.S. and is the driving force behind a surge in healthcare costs for employers. [Why a cancer care navigation platform can help employers manage surging costs blog post]


2. Caregiving can be stressful, that’s why it’s important to prioritize yourself and your mental health–Gather can be that space you need. [Introducing “Gather” – the Grayce Community]


3. For employers, complex and chronic care are the family care categories that have the greatest impact on employee retention, medical costs, leave and productivity. Yet most medical plans and caregiver benefits don’t cover the range of support required for chronic and complex care, leaving employee families to navigate the burden alone. [Complex care: Comprehensive solutions for employee caregivers help lower medical plan costs blog post]


4. Alzheimer’s is a complicated disease and for many caring for a family member with such a complex condition is a brand-new challenge. Watch Diego’s story to learn how Grayce helped his family navigate care. [Grayce member testimonial]


5. In a recent conversation about “The Intersection of Caregiving and DEI” Grayce CEO and Co-founder, Julia Cohen Sebastian joined leaders in healthcare, business, caregiver advocacy and social work in sharing perspectives how family care affects DEI, mental health, and work. [Webinar recap: DEI, mental health, and family care blog post and recording]


6. Why broadening your family care scope beyond family forming is transformative – roughly 2% of U.S. employees a year start or grow a family using fertility treatments, while 76% already have families they care for. [How & why to expand from family building benefits to whole family support blog post]


7. Hear how Nextdoor addresses shifting family care needs as a result of demographic trends worldwide. [Fireside Chat w/Nextdoor’s Head of People recording


8. Women and diverse talent carry higher daily loads, holding them back from advancing in pay and seniority and impacting the entire talent pipeline–from talent recruitment to retention to development. [US Women Miss Out on $627 Billion by Not Getting Paid for Caregiving Bloomberg article]


9. How a family care navigation platform can help employers manage surging costs and maximize benefits utilization. [Caregiver support can be vital to reducing employee benefits costs blog post]


10. Discover your business case for introducing family care benefits with hard numbers from research by Gallup and studies by Harvard Business School with the Grayce Economic Impact Modeler. [Interactive calculator]


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